About Us

SolutionOne, a locally owned company, has been in business since 1937. We started out as Lincoln Office Equipment, selling the industry’s finest office technology: pencils, copy paper, and typewriters. As the industry evolved, so did we. In 1995 we expanded and opened another location in Omaha, giving us the ability to expertly serve Nebraska’s two largest metropolitan areas and their surrounding communities. In 2002, Lincoln Office Equipment, still selling and servicing the most innovative business technology to local businesses, officially became SolutionOne.

We are a customer-centric company focused on offering the highest quality product lines from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers and developers. Specializing in helping businesses run more efficiently, we sell and provide services for IT solutions, document management systems, and commercial printers. SolutionOne’s dedicated focus on excellent customer service and having the best trained people have continued to fuel the growth and stability of the company. Our approach is to overcome customer challenges by utilizing innovation and technology. While building our partnership with you, we provide your business with an assessment of where you are today and a roadmap to get you where you need to be tomorrow.