Live Green

Concept-RecyclingOne Green Plan

Environmental responsibility is a big deal to us. Since the inception of SolutionOne, practicing eco-friendly business has been a priority. Going green in business is not an effortless choice we realize, but it is the responsible choice. For this reason, we try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to be environmentally conscious and remain profitable.

SolutionOne has developed extensive recycling programs both internally and for our clients. Our combined efforts to reduce landfill waste will improve our environmental footprint and have a significant impact on our planet. Please assist us in our mission by recycling your empty toner containers and utilizing our GREEN tips listed below!

Cost Saving GREEN Tips

  1. Print documents two sided to reduce the amount of paper needed each month.
  2. Monitor use. Most print devices will allow you to set up a simple system to track usage. If each department has its own code to use when making copies or prints, the employees will be much more thoughtful about what is produced and used.
  3. Enforce delayed print. Most copiers have enough memory to temporarily store print jobs. This can be done for all jobs or just for confidential materials. When the employee sends a print job, it is held at the machine after being processed – and is not printed out until the employee approaches the copier and releases it. This can significantly reduce the number of wasted prints that are generated and then forgotten or taken by the wrong person. Additionally, if you need to comply with HIPPA or Sarbanes-Oxley standards, this is a great tool to use.
  4. Take care of your equipment! If you have a service contract through SolutionOne, we service your machine quickly when there are issues, and you pay a set monthly service fee that includes any parts or labor that might be needed. Consider, though, the productive time that is reduced when you have to wait for service for issues that you might have avoided in the first place!
  5. Manage your IT costs. If you don’t have an IT professional in your office or contracted to help you when needed, current customers should consider a ConnectPak Agreement. This discounted bundle of hours can be used for network related issues with your print device – whether you purchase new workstations and need print drivers added or switch email providers and need help reconfiguring your scan to email setup… Business today is highly reliant on network reliability and the proper integration of office machines. If you don’t have an IT professional working with you, you might also consider contacting SolutionOne for a review of your systems – our Connect IT division can help keep your network up and running and well protected!

Please use these manufacturer specific directions in your recycling efforts.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta has two recycling programs to choose from: The Box Program and The Gaylord Program. The Box Program is ideal for customers who use between 4 and 200 cartridges per month. Visit the website to place your order. You will receive three recycling boxes that can hold 10 to 15 items. The boxes come complete with a UPS shipping label already so once they are full, all you have to do is seal the boxes and send them!

High-volume customers that use more than 200 cartridges per month should look into utilizing Konica Minolta’s Gaylord program. More details can be found about the program here.


All KYOCERA manufactured toner containers and waste containers may be shipped to the following address:

2051 Meridian Place, Hebron, KY 41048

All shipping costs will are to be incurred by the customer. There is no charge for the recycling. Use only the packaging from your new toner or waste container. Do not use any other packaging. For more detailed instructions, please visit the Kyocera website.


Place the used cartridge in the bag from your new cartridge. Place the bag containing your used cartridge into the empty box from your new cartridge. Tape the box closed. Attach the return label included in the box or printed from Lexmark’s web site. Place your cartridge for return pick up by the designated carrier.


Place the old toner cartridge into the packaging of the replacement for proper return. Protect the casing and the rollers by wrapping the toner cartridge securely with the plastic wrap that came with the unit. Secure the Styrofoam ends to the ends of the wrapped toner cartridge. Place the toner cartridge carefully into the box and make sure that the unit fits securely. Tape the box and apply the UPS label and ship as you normally would. Visit the Muratec website for information on models the recycling program does not apply for.

You may also drop off empty toner container(s) to a SolutionOne location of your choice. OR give all empty toner containers, preferably in original packaging, to a SolutionOne Service Technician upon a scheduled visit.


Print or order postage-paid shipping materials or arrange a pallet pickup to return your Original HP printing supplies. Go to the HP website to get started!


A: Give spent toner bottle in box to any SolutionOne Technician upon next office visit. SolutionOne will handle the recycling process for you.

A: No, trace amounts of toner inside the bottle are OK. No need to open the toner bottle to wash out the container.

In need of further assistance, please reach out to us! Thank you for helping us LIVE GREEN.