Backup Disaster Recovery

Disaster Data Recovery Planning

Did you know that Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are not the same? Data backup should be completed as regularly as necessary to ensure that in the given time period between backups any catastrophic loss of data would not negatively influence business performance Even with a correctly installed backup plan. It’s possible human or software error can fail for backup and then you really have a disaster on your hands. It is important to ensure that your Data is not just “backed up” but also that the backed up data can be easily restored.

Data may be just a word, but it also represents a significant investment of information technology and a valuable business asset. Data Disaster Recovery plans are usually part of a bigger plan for maintaining overall business operations in times of disaster. The bottom line is your business could suffer significant losses to the bottom line through loss of data. If a business disaster recovery plan fails, critical data can be lost forever with disastrous consequences. Don’t lose your valuable data when disaster strikes. Trust SolutionOne for disaster data recovery in Omaha and Lincoln.

Cloud Backup Disaster Recovery

With a cloud backup disaster recovery plan from SolutionOne, you get the peace of mind that most people don’t have. Most business owners will lose their crucial information in the event of a catastrophe, or, at the very least, have to wait days or weeks to retrieve it. We understand the challenges business owners face, and offer complete solutions for data recovery.

If you need immediate disaster data recovery assistance please call SolutionOne in Omaha (402) 671-0841 or Lincoln (402) 858-5450 or call 800.742.0023.


Peace of Mind for Every Business Owner

Business owners can take every precaution and do everything in their power to protect their data. However, sometimes disasters are completely unpreventable. Devastating storms can hit your building and level it. Life-threatening fires can burn the buildings to the ground. No matter what the catastrophe, SolutionOne has the cloud back up technology and infrastructure to get you back up and running, and to help make the recovery process much shorter for your business.

Cloud Backup Data Recovery and How We Help

SolutionOne’s virtualized servers get you back where you need to be fast. The security and peace of mind backup disaster recovery from SolutionOne gives you is unparalleled. Your data is duplicated in the cloud, so in the event, your original data is suddenly lost, SolutionOne recovers the cloud data. Downtime is minimized, and the recovery for your data happens within hours, not days or weeks, letting you focus on your people and your business operations. Let SolutionOne’s disaster data recovery plan get you back on your feet!

SolutionOne’s Data Recovery Plan

SolutionOne offers a state-of-the-art backup disaster recovery procedure that makes the old process archaic and obsolete. The old process meant getting a new server and installing all of your systems and application software, then restoring your most recent data backup, which was hopefully up to date. Sometimes, even currently, overnight backups are the only data recovery options available. Overnight backups make for an agonizingly stressful 24 hours on top of the emotional and mental stress a disaster can cause. 

Despite the fact that cloud backup is a better form of disaster recovery, many companies still use the outdated and inconvenient process of overnight backups, but not SolutionOne. With our process, your data is backed up as part of an image of a virtual cloud backup machine, making for a much shorter recovery time. You’ll save valuable time and money, and have a sense of relief only the latest technology and systems can offer. To find out more about your cloud backup options, contact us in Omaha (402) 671-0841 and Lincoln (402) 858-5450.