Maintaining your Brand through Print Technology

What kinds of jobs are you printing on your office copier these days?

Chances are, those jobs include not only internal documents, but letterhead, envelopes, brochures, posters…..any number of items that may be seen by the public. How much real control do you have over how those documents look? Do you ever find yourself thinking that your colors don’t seem to be as vivid or as true as they used to? These may not seem like high level concerns if you aren’t in graphic design or advertising, but consider: every company has a “brand” – either deliberately or not! Yours probably includes your company logo and mission statement, and might have been created with a very specific color in mind (Ours is one we call SolutionOne green!) When you print collateral with this logo on it, is that color matching all your other materials? Does a customer see that printed material and know that it represents you – even before she has really looked at it?

Perhaps you have print customers of your own – when you print jobs for them, you would like the color and quality to be consistent whether their last job was printed last week or last year, right? It might also be convenient to store complex print jobs in such a way that they are simple to reproduce again at a later date. Fiery color controllers are an addition to the already high quality of color output offered by your MFP. They offer complete color management and optimize quality, assuring accurate color representation and the ability to calibrate your device back to a standard that you have predetermined.

Fiery controllers are equipped with the option to clone their hard drives to an image file and restore all saved information, as well as a backing up saved print jobs and their setup information. Command WorkStation is the Fiery print job management interface – it offers a range of color matching tools including PANTONE color matching, spot color matching, substitute colors, and much more.

The Fiery’s WebTools page – a web-based interface – makes it easy to manage the controller’s network configuration by providing its own home page. The Fiery’s print driver allows all settings compatible with your copier, including authentication methods and saving documents to User Boxes – so functionality is not restricted. Files can also be saved and downloaded to a USB device (i.e. flash drive) from the Fiery’s standard print queues.

All of this adds up to powerful, flexible control over the quality of your print output and the face it presents to the world – your public image! Call us today for a demonstration of the full capabilities of this advanced controller and let us show you how it can improve your printed documents and streamline your workflow!

By Kayla Kruse, Integration Specialist at SolutionOne