Print Accessories

Customize Your Creativityprintmaterials

Finding the best print device for you isn’t just about which model you choose. A lot of your end-user satisfaction will actually come from the types of accessories and software you choose to add to the device to perform the specific job functionalities you need on a day-to-day basis. The product lines that we offer at SolutionOne come with the option to fully equip most of the multifunction devices with any specialty function you may need. And, although our professional account managers will help you discover which functionalities you’re looking to streamline using your print device, it’s good to know ahead of time what your options are.

Here is a list of accessories to get you thinking about your current device functionality…

  • Fax Kit with the Option of Multiple Lines
  • Fax Stamp Unit
  • 2/3 Hole Punch
  • Staple Finisher with Multiple Staple Placement Options
  • Booklet Maker (for A3 devices)
  • Z- Folding Unit
  • Banner Paper Guide
  • Post Inserter
  • Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
  • Keyboard Holder for External Keyboards
  • EFI Fiery Software
  • +Many More

Our integration specialists will develop a comprehensive training program to help you and your colleagues get the most out of your print fleet and all the customized solutions included in your devices and on your network.