Data Security & Document Protection for You and Your Clients

A growing number of businesses require greater levels of security on each document, file or device in their offices. Medical and health providers subject to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), banks and financial institutions subject to state and federal regulations that safeguard depositor and investor information and assets; law firms and other providers bound by ethics rules and confidentiality obligations: These are just a few of the business, IT security challenges SolutionOne is equipped to handle.

SolutionOne can truly guarantee you protection on your most sensitive documents and information. We sell, install, and service devices and equipment solutions that are ensured to be HIPAA-compliant, and can also be secured to United States Air Force standards.

Many times the responsibility for privacy and security of your customers’ and clients’ information exceeds your technical ability. As a high level professional, delivering health, financial, legal, engineering or other high level services, your expertise lies in the area of your profession, not in tech and security strategies. And yet, you have ultimate ethical and legal responsibility to maintain these standards for the protection of your clients.

How can you make certain your valuable data is safe from every threat, be it intentional theft, inadvertent disclosure or loss due to technology glitches? SolutionOne has got your back. Backed by Konica-Minolta and Bizhub, our account managers and technicians have the skills, strategies, training and expertise to help you meet your security obligation to your customers and your owners and shareholders.

Our strategies and equipment solutions ensure uncompromising security protection. We make certain that our customers have peace of mind while working on a SolutionOne supplied device. To that end, our team of account managers and technical support professionals will tailor your device to your desired level of security, and train you and your staff on how to implement those security features properly. Some of the features we can equip each device with include:

  • KeysChanging of Administrator Password
  • Enabling Hard Drive Encryption
  • Timed Automatic Overwrite or Deletion of Files in Electronic Folders
  • Automatic Overwrite of Temporary Image Data
  • Hard Drive Lock Password
  • End of Life Hard Drive Overwrite

Contact us at SolutionOne today to learn more about how we can provide you with the security you need.

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