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document-management-infographicAs a business owner, your goal is for your employees to spend the bulk of their time and energy on tasks directly related to company growth and development. The more their focus is on administrative and systems-related challenges, such as juggling multiple projects, the practical logistics of working outside of traditional office environments, and having to navigate through increasingly large file systems, the less they are able to do what you hired them for.

Systems and solutions designed at an earlier stage in your business history may not reflect the needs of your business or your employees today. If it’s been more than a couple of years, it is certain they don’t reflect the vast array of solutions available today that can multiply effectiveness.

SolutionOne is your one-stop for IT systems solutions from document management, storage and security, printing and copier options, to mobile office solutions for employees working from the road and other remote locations. SolutionOne has you covered.  We specialize in business process management that supplies more efficient, productive, and profitable results. With our productivity and IT solutions, we examine your hardware, software, network, and workflow to create a customized strategy that works for your business. We’ll transform your employees’ frustration over wasted time into personal satisfaction and a better bottom line.

Productivity Assessment

Step 1: Assess.  We begin by examining your current IT platform, foundation and document workflow. Knowing what you’re doing now helps us identify where productivity is slipping through the cracks.

Step 2: Design & Plan. Then we can design and plan the ideal setup to match your current business structure. No matter how well thought out your business process and IT systems at their inception, the business you have now is not the same one you had five — or even two years ago. We will design a plan that reflects what your business is doing today, and with the playing-field-leveling technology to make you as efficient as the big guys.

Step 3: Implement. Installation, Configuration & Testing. With a plan in place, our highly trained technicians will install and configure a system customized to your business, your employees and your workflow. Then we test to insure optimum results. The goal: to maximize output and efficiency.

Step 4: Train. The best designed solutions are worthless if not implemented properly. After installation, configuration and testing, we oversee comprehensive training program to ensure that the people charged with using your newly designed IT solutions are comfortable with every aspect and know it inside out.

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