Efficient Printer Fleet Management with SolutionOne

SolutionOne understands no matter how many printers you have in your organization they are hard to manage without a printer fleet management system.  Ask yourself the following questions:

Who handles your printer fleet management?

    • If you have internal IT, printers are a low priority as other network activities are more critical.
    • If you outsource your IT, you most likely have a designated person in your company to triage the printer prior to calling in an expensive resource from the outside.

Who orders all of the cartridges and other consumables?

    • Supply ordering and management are expensive and time consuming.
    • How do you capture, identify and manage this cost?  
    • Do you charge back the user or the department?
    • Do you have obsolete supplies for your printer fleet?

What do you print?

    • Who is printing and how much?
    • What types of documents are being printed?
    • How do you control color printing?

What about security?  

    • What is your mobile print policy?
    • What is my plan to secure confidential documents?
    • Do I have any regulatory requirements for document security?

How do I optimize my printer fleet?

    • What printers should I add to my fleet?
    • Do I have a technology roadmap?
    • Rules based printing?

Printer Fleet Management for Your Business

SolutionOne has a printer fleet management process to assess your current printer fleet and manage it at a reduced cost. Our printer fleet management can improve the efficiency of your company, provide better device security and reduce the cost of device upkeep. Proper printer fleet management can have a significant positive impact on your company and how you do business. 

Once managed, a technology roadmap is developed to optimize your print environment by considering how your business operates  and how you use your print devices. 

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