Managed Print Services

PrintDemoManaged Print: The Key to Uncovering Hidden Business Expenses

Our Managed Print Services implement technology that helps businesses succeed! “How?” you may ask.

Let’s start with some questions…

How much do you spend on printers and print supplies? When you thought about supplies, did you consider inventory-carrying costs? How much time does it take and how often are staff ordering those supplies each month? What about shipping charges? How do you know what color toner you need? Don’t know exactly how much it costs, just that it’s expensive? If you know it’s costly, but aren’t exactly sure what the total cost comes to, you’re not alone! When you’re managing a company or department, there are enough things to keep track of as it is. Managed print services can help you save money and control the hidden costs of printing.

What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

90% of companies have little to no visibility of their printing costs, which means that 90% of companies are missing out on an opportunity to boost efficiency and save money. Managed print services are a tool for businesses to control their printing and all that entails: equipment, output, users, and materials. Bringing visibility to all of these things can help you optimize your printing processes while reducing cost and equipment.

Start Saving Up To 40% With Managed Print Services

90% of companies have little to no visibility to their printing costs. SolutionOne managed print services can save you up to 40%. A managed print strategy helps you effectively measure and optimize your printers and copiers, eliminating inefficiencies to achieve savings. With our managed print services you can welcome these benefits, plus free up your IT department’s time to work on other operational jobs.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started With Print Management!

To get started, our Managed Print Specialists will work with you to thoroughly assess your environment and create your customized managed print strategy. Our assessment will include recommendations on what equipment to add, relocate and retire. We will help you implement the right print technology, integrating it with your current processes, and perform ongoing audits to ensure continuous improvement. Under our managed print services, you’ll have a consistent, single-point-of-contact.

Step One: Assessment
Using device measurement tools, we will analyze your print output to determine how you are using your devices, how accurate your supply levels are, and how much life your devices have left. We’ll then assess your purchasing process and develop a plan to focus on cost-savings.

Step Two: Manage
Realize the benefits and cost savings immediately! SolutionOne then manages the print devices in your fleet and delivers visibility to monthly spending. We simplify supply replenishment by installing auto-detection software, and ultimately relieve IT burdens by remote-monitoring devices and supplying service when needed.

Step Three: Optimize with Quarterly Business Reviews
Once the initial assessment and managed print plan are established, we continually look at the performance of your print fleet to detect continual ways you could be saving time and valuable resources, and we deliver the results to you on a quarterly basis.

Plus, with a managed print environment, your overall workflow will improve. By determining the appropriate devices for each job being performed, supplies will be ordered thoughtfully, documents can be managed more securely, and like everything we do, it will all be tailored to meet your business needs.

Managed Print Services Help Businesses Go Green

Not only does our managed print services help you improve operational efficiencies, but it also helps the environment. To incorporate our Live Green plan, we recycle your print cartridges to keep landfills free and costs down.