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You need your documents now! The problem with a traditional file and cabinet system is that it has become cumbersome and near impossible to find the right information in a timely and efficient manner. The old method of manually sifting through stacks of papers to locate the right document, then scanning the document to create a digital copy in order to send it to the target destination takes too much time. Not only that, but the searcher can also miss important information by not being able to locate it. With our document management and software content solutions, however, those issues become a thing of the past. SolutionOne’s content management and software content solutions systems help you capture, search, and route your files easily and automatically.

Capture: Scanning documents and disseminating them digitally reduces the amount of paper used and lowers your total cost of operations. With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Metadata software working on each scanned document, indexing your files becomes that much easier.

Search: Look for specific content, file names, dates, or metadata and find what you’re looking for instantly. Did you receive that file in an email exchange and forgot to save it in a digital filing system? No problem. Our content solutions can even include email systems, truly giving you the ability to locate any item no matter where it is stored in your network.

Route: Send your digital files securely by utilizing print security features offered on some of our high quality multifunction print devices coupled with expert level training from our integration specialists to maximize your content management software, bringing your information management process full circle.

Our content software solutions and network consultant technology are ideal for:

  • Health and Medical Offices
  • Legal Firms
  • School Systems
  • Transportation and Engineering Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • And Many Others!

Web-to-Print Software Content Solutions

Our network consultant team will build a website that lets your customers submit electronic files via the web. You can also send digital proofs for their approval, and offer the flexibility to pay prior to delivery of printed materials.

Operationally routine, yet critical tasks, such as accounts payable processing or client contract management, can be automated resulting in increased productivity and a better bottom line. Current customers reach out to your account manger for a productivity assessment to start building your custom document management system or fill out our productivity solutions assessment form to see the software content solutions we can provide for you!