The Office Efficiency App You Will Benefit From Every Single Day

Printer Fleet Management – a service you may have heard of if you’re a part of your company’s purchasing department or IT department. Printer Fleet Management is a service SolutionOne provides to help companies keep track of their printing costs and supplies, manage and optimize your usage, and also take care of your printer maintenance and service.  It is a pivotal addition to any managed services lineup.

SolutionOne can customize any fleet management service to include a variety of features, such as specialized document processing software or something as simple as auto supply management for your print devices. The type of service your fleet management includes will vary based on your company needs. One application that we use for fleet management time and time again, regardless of customizations, is called FMAudit. Utilizing FMAudit gives us an easy way to track your company’s meters and toner levels all with hardly any involvement required by you, our customer, letting you focus on the business that really matters to you.

So, what is FMAudit, and how does it work to help us manage your printer fleet?

FMAudit is an application that uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to gather printer specific data such as make, model, serial #, meters, supply levels, etc. This data is used to provide accurate billing and automatic supply replenishment notifications.

Who is able to view the data collected by FMAudit?

The data FMAudit collects is only visible to any contacts you (our client) provides, and select SolutionOne employees on the fleet management team.

What kind of data does FMAudit collect?

FMAudit only collects machine specific information. Nothing regarding printed information is collected by OnSite.

Do I need anything to prepare my devices for reporting?

Most devices capable of reporting data are preconfigured to work with FMAudit OnSite. In rare cases, changing printer settings will be required to allow for response to the application.  

Will it slow down my network?

It is extremely unlikely that FMAudit will create any noticeable performance impact in your environment. The system will only request information from 20 devices at a time and will wait a maximum of 5 seconds between groups. If all 20 devices reply at the same time, they will create about the same traffic as one user visiting Google via their web browser.

FMAudit is an important tool that we use with our current SolutionOne clients every day. The app lets companies eliminate the tedious tasks of collecting meters and ordering supplies from their workload, and the timesaving benefit of that is amazing. This application can be used for both small desktop printers and for larger commercial print devices. As long as you have SolutionOne contracted equipment in your office, you can get FMAudit installed (at no additional cost) to begin your hassle free print device management.  To learn more about adding FMAudit to your service contract, or to talk with a SolutionOne professional about other productivity solutions you could benefit from based on your needs, fill out the simple form below!

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