The Secret to Reducing Your Company’s Operating Costs Each Month

Chances are, you have a pretty good idea of how much money is spent on running your business each month.  Utilities?  No problem.  Facility lease?  Easy.  Company vehicles?  You can produce a spreadsheet in five minutes.  Now, how well do you know your copier – and how do you plan for its use?  This important piece of office equipment is often neglected when it comes to budgeting and cost controls, but there are some simple ways you can effect savings – and leverage your copier’s setup to do it.

  1. Print duplex!  Printing double-sided by default could save you half of your paper costs each month.  The average ream of paper (500 sheets) costs $3 to $5.  If you are using two cases each month (and even a medium sized office generally uses more than this!), you could save $30-$50, simply by cutting your paper use in half – and not even have to decrease the number of pages you print.
  2. Print in black and white.  Color makes for much more impact in printed collateral, but are you using it indiscriminately?  If your employees are printing emails or drafts of presentation documents or maps in color, you are paying 7-8 times as much for each page as you would if the same page was printed in monochrome.
  3. Monitor use.  Most copiers will allow you to set up a simple system to track usage – whether you do this for all output, or just color.  If each employee has his or her own code to use when making copies or prints, he or she will be much more thoughtful about what is produced and used.
  4. Enforce delayed print.  Most copiers have enough memory to temporarily store print jobs.  This can be done for all jobs or just for confidential materials. When the employee sends a print job, it is held at the machine after being processed – and is not printed out until the employee approaches the copier and releases it.  This can significantly reduce the number of wasted prints that are generated and then forgotten or taken by the wrong person.  Additionally, if you need to comply with HIPPA or Sarbanes-Oxley standards, this is a great tool to use.
  5. Take care of your equipment!  If you have a service contract through SolutionOne, we service your machine quickly when there are issues, and you pay a set monthly service fee that includes any parts or labor that might be needed.  Consider, though, the productive time that is reduced when you have to wait for service for issues that you might have avoided in the first place!
    1. Remind your employees not to run staples or stickers through the document feeder on your copier, and to load paper carefully and correctly.
    2. You will reduce the number of persistent jams that occur if you keep your paper supply stored safely and wrapped until it is ready to be used – paper left out in your office collects moisture and dust, both of which can cause jamming or print quality issues when this paper is then used in your copier.
  6. Manage your IT costs.  If you don’t have an IT professional in your office or contracted to help you when needed, consider a ConnectPak from SolutionOne.  This discounted bundle of hours can be used for network related issues with your copier – whether you purchase new workstations and need print drivers added or switch email providers and need help re-configuring your scan to email setup…… Business today is highly reliant on network reliability and the proper integration of office machines.  If you don’t have an IT professional working with you, you might also consider contacting SolutionOne for a review of your systems – our Connect Managed IT division can help keep your network up and running and well protected!

SolutionOne is here to help you, not only by providing reliable, affordable equipment that is scaled to your needs, but also by making sure you are using that equipment in the most efficient way possible.  DROP US A LINE below to reach out with any questions!

Written By The SolutionOne Network Support Team