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Just like at any law firm, searching for critical information in legal documents is the daily norm. Legal documents are often large and this process can be incredibly time consuming for Attorneys and their Legal Assistants. In the process of an account review, the SolutionOne Account Manager assessed theircurrent workflow and saw that this process could be improved to save time, money, and headaches with some simple software and process solutions.


  • Baylor, Evnen, Curtiss, Grimit & Witt, LLP previously printed out each document to manually search for information. We started the solution by implementing software specifically developed to search and scan through PDFs, so all searching could be accomplished electronically, saving paper and maximizing document security.
  • To complement the PDF searching software, we also created a single-step process on their print devices that turns each scanned document into a searchable PDF from the very beginning.
  • Because documents are also faxed to Baylor, Evnen, Curtiss, Grimit & Witt, LLP, we made sure to include that document process in this situation by having all faxes electronically forwarded to one source who then securely distributes the (searchable) PDFs to the appropriate source.


The combined software components, which focus on saving time and enforcing security, create a simple workflow that eliminates hours of manual labor which is a necessity in the legal field. The Attorneys and Legal Assistants gained profitability and efficiency.

Situation:LFS Logo

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS), a customer of SolutionOne since 2008, has 205 office locations, of which all have multifunction and single-function print devices. As a non-profit organization, LFS strives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, to better serve its clients. With so many locations across Nebraska, LFS was finding it increasingly challenging to effectively manage their print costs. Gathering information on their single-function and multifunction print devices was difficult because they were collecting data from 11 different locations to measure this particular expense, with each location having various departments using the machines for a variety of jobs. Having limited visibility to the situation, SolutionOne presented them with an alternative management method.


  • The SolutionOne Account Manager performed an assessment of each device at the 11 locations LFS wanted to include in the Managed Print review.
  • During the assessment we were able to identify how many printers, which models and how many pages per month they were printing on each machine.
  • A report was presented to LFS reviewing the results of the assessment which documented they had 38 devices that were printing 33,000 pages per month, at a total cost of just over $1,000 per month.
  • To correct this, SolutionOne incorporated the print devices under a Managed Print Contract, which included all supplies, delivery costs, service of all devices, and IT support.
  • We put them on a technology plan to optimize their print fleet over time, with a focus on efficiency, image, and cost containment.


SolutionOne identified an opportunity to save LFS money by taking over the management of all their print devices at 11 of their 25 locations. They now have visibility to their entire print environment, and can select how to distribute their print workload based upon cost. The assessment we provided uncovered that they were printing too many documents, and using the wrong machines for certain print jobs. Over time under our continued management, they will be able to standardize on printers that are the most cost efficient. We also implemented a cartridge recycling program, and reduced all printing related costs under our managed environment by 15%. With these improvements, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska is able to deploy the operational costs savings toward their mission of expressing God’’s love for all people by providing quality human care services that build and strengthen the individual, family and community life.

CFPIN Transparent Large LogoSituation:

The Center for People in Need recently received a grant which enabled them to quickly hire 12 new caseworkers to better implement their services. The problem arose when the new case workers were assigned to work on a separate floor which didn’t have any print devices. For them, this would mean spending time going up and down stairs multiple times a day to do simple and necessary job functions. Additionally, the new workforce was scheduled to start immediately and The Center for People in Need needed to fix this issue before the new hires arrived. Because the potential for workflow inefficiencies was easily recognized by both The Center for People in Need and SolutionOne, we were able to provide a quick and focused resolution.


  • Since SolutionOne has worked with this company for over 10 years, we had all the information on their current fleet of Multifunction Print Devices and Printers. The SolutionOne Account Manager reviewed their workflow setup with The Center for People in Need to determine if we could in fact use a currently leased machine on the new floor and balance the remaining workload with 1 fewer machine on floor #1.
  • Once we determined that the volume was going to be too high on floor #1 by moving a machine to the new floor, we started looking at new machines to compare which model would best accommodate the new case workers.
  • The Center for People in Need needed to start the new case workers immediately, giving us a short, two week window to get the new machine up and running. SolutionOne carries a large supply of machines and accessories in our warehouse, located locally in Omaha, so we were able to accommodate the quick turnaround time of this order and delivery to meet the customer’s needs 100%.


SolutionOne was able to accommodate a situation in which the customer needed an immediate solution that boosted productivity. By doing the workflow assessment first, then selecting the right machine for their additional workforce to use, we provided their new case workers an environment where they could operate efficiently on their mission: to enhance opportunities for families and youth as they address socio-economic barriers limiting their paths to success.